G100 Grid Limitation Control Panels

The District Network Operator (DNO) may in some circumstances request that a new onsite power generation installation be limited to not export more than a specified amount of power.  

This does not mean that the project cannot go ahead but means that a Customer Export Limiting Scheme (ELS) must be implemented. 

The purpose of an ELS is to restrict the active power exported at the connection point or to prevent voltage limits on the distribution system from being exceeded. 

OMNI-Generators supply grid limitation control panels which are designed to ensure you or your customer makes the most of the installed power generation asset. 

There are three methods of grid limitation we supply, to make sure the power generation asset is being used to its potential. 

Modulate Generation

A grid limitation control panel can be supplied which controls and modulates the power generation to ensure it does not exceed the restrictions set by the DNO. 

This method can be implemented for all power generation technologies including Combined Heat & Power (CHP),  Solar, Wind, Generator and Hydro installations. 

Dump Load

In some circumstances it may not be advantageous to turn down the power generation but to keep it running. For these applications we can supply control panels that can control a power load and modulate it. This ensures the power generation keeps running and the export does not exceed the limitations that have been set by the DNO. 

Common loads may include pumps or heaters, however any appropriate electrical load can be used. 

Power Storage

Batteries can be used to ensure the DNOs requirements are met, OMNI can supply suitable control panels and batteries to store the power for use at another time. 

This method is good for intermittent power generation such as wind or solar, however it is still suitable for continuous power generators such as CHP applications where there is a fluctuating load which exceeds the capacity of the CHP. 

Bespoke Solutions

Every project is unique so with this in mind all of our panels are built to order, after careful consultation and discussion with our customers. 

Our G100 Grid Export Panels can incorporate other aspects of grid connection regulations including incorporating G59 protection, and electrical distribution as well as other areas of automation that may be required. 

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